Customers’ goods are not automatically insured when being stored. It is the customer’s responsibility to be insured. Although incidents in our self storage centre are extremely rare, insurance for your goods in storage is available.

We encourage you to consider the three main risks in storing personal or business goods- water or storm damage, fire and theft. You may arrange insurance on your own, move the location of your current contents insurance  or alternatively you can take out insurance through AON/QBE who are our facility insurance providers. While you may decide to take out insurance at the time you rent your unit, we are obliged to wait 5 days before processing your payment for insurance as such. We will be in touch in 4 days to confirm you would like to proceed with the insurance. You have the right to opt not to take it up or to cancel at any time during the rental period.

Insurance available through Inverloch Self Storage Storage is governed by QBE/AON storage insurance PDS. Policy excess of $100 for each claim will be deducted. Insurance may not be provided to customers in arrears. For a full list of exclusions from coverage, please see pages 8-10 of the PDS.

Please read the following documents before making any final decision:

Sum Insurance Insurance Premium
Up to $5,000 $10.00
Up to $10,000 $15.00
Up to $15,000 $22.50
Up to $20,000 $30.00
Up to $30,000 $45.00
Up to $40,000 $60.00
Up to $50,000 $75.00


This cover is NOT suitable for customers who are:

  • seeking cover for goods located outside the locked storage unit;
  • being transported either to or from the storage unit or any other location;
  • seeking cover for paintings, antiques, works of art valued in excess of $1,000;
  • seeking cover for goods valued over $50,000;
  • seeking cover for:
    • currency, deeds, securities, money, notes, jewellery, watches, precious stones, gold, precious metals, furs or garments trimmed with fur;
    • motor vehicles and motor cycles, whether they’re registered or not;
    • boats or watercraft or aircraft;
    • any highly flammable or hazardous goods;
    • tobacco or cigarettes;
    • paint;
    • tyres in bulk;
    • perishables; or
    • alcohol, wine or beer.