If you are packing furniture, ensure it is clean and dry before putting into storage. Empty the contents of cupboards, drawers and wardrobes to protect them from damage.
If you want to store appliances, ensure they have been cleaned properly and properly dried before going into storage.
Place a layer of bubble wrap on the bottom of the box you are packing the items into and place newspaper into any bowls or glasses. Wrap each item in bubble wrap and place the heavy items at the bottom.
When packing away electronics, ensure you handle these items with special care. Wrap items individually in bubble wrap and pack these items away in cartons with a sealed top to protect them from any damage.
Pack your books away in large boxes and ensure you label these accordingly. When storing documents, acquire some archive boxes to keep track of all the information being stored inside.
Wrap these items in bubble wrap and newspaper to ensure they don’t break or experience damage.