Camping is a great way to connect with family and friends. A camping trip can be a short getaway that lets you keep your most cherished camping gear in Inverloch Self Storage in between camping trips. A longer trip is also another way to have even more fun. Those who live in Melbourne are in luck. They have a great many wonderful camping spots that are a short distance away from many points in the city. Many spots offer all sorts of delightful amenities. People can take full advantage of such amenities in order to have a terrific time in the great outdoors.

Cumberland River Holiday Park

Set near the mouth of the magnificent Cumberland River, this is one space that’s all about enjoying the water in person. Settle the camping gear that you get out of Inverloch Self Storage right here in one of many camping sites. You’ll see incredible cliffs that offer an ever changing array of different colours and admirable textures. Once you’ve gotten your gear in shape, you can begin to explore the area on foot with those with you. There are many walking trails that are designed to make it easy for you to see the region on foot with only a good pair of walking shoes.

CUmberland park

Wilson’s Promontory

Another easy and much beloved day trip is Tidal River and Wilson’s Promontory. This is the largest camping ground in the entire state. You’ll have lots of room take that camping gear from Inverloch Self Storage and join lots of others in the area to celebrate nature in full. About three thousand people can be here at the same time, making it possible to make lots of friends from all over. Hiking trails are well used and extremely well marked. See the Tidal River when the sun comes up or when it goes down for sight you’ll long remember.

Wilson's Promontory

Joanna Beach

Located along the Great Ocean Road, it’s a camping spot that offers much for all those who love beaches and want to spend a lot of time in the waters. This is a particularly good place for people who want to spend their free time surfing. It’s noteworthy for having amazing waves that are ideal for the expert as well as those who have just begun to learn to surf. You’ll find lots of spots to camp here all year long.


Lake Catani campground

You’ll see trees that are ablaze with some of the finest colours you’ll see anywhere. If you’re into crisp walks in the air, this has to be on your list. Take a walk on Mount Buffalo plateau and see vistas full of hues that mark the transition into the snows of winter. The full service campground makes it easy to hit the showers after you’re done. This is a trip for the person who loves trees and wants to celebrate them.