Do you want to make more space in your home? You’re thinking about decluttering, but you dread the thought of getting rid of items around your house. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to store items in a way that keeps them organised and out from underfoot. Here are some secret storage hacks from Inverloch Self Storage.

Under the bed storage drawers

If you have extra clothing, shoes, books and other items sitting on tables in your bedroom, there’s a way to store them out of sight. Get a couple portable drawers with rollers you can store under your bed. Load these drawers with these and other items and roll them under your bed where they’ll be out of your way.

beds with storage drawers

An ottoman with a removable lid

An ottoman is great when you want to flop down in an easy chair and put your feet up. Think about getting an ottoman that doubles as a place to store magazines, candles, sewing supplies, TV remotes and other small items in your living room or bedroom. One of the best things about getting an ottoman with storage is you have many styles and designs to choose from.

storage ottomon

A hanging laundry hamper

A laundry hamper that sits on the floor can take up a lot of space in a bathroom or bedroom. So, consider a hamper designed like a laundry bag that hangs over the inside of a door. This type of laundry hamper gives you floor space and keeps your soiled clothes out of sight! If you’ve noticed that you and your family members have a lot of clothing items you no longer wear, it may be time to put some into storage. Inverloch Self Storage is an ideal answer if you have boxes of clothing and other items in need of a safe, dry place to stay.

hanging laundry hamper

Dividers in kitchen drawers

Instead of just throwing your forks, knives and spoons into a drawer in the kitchen, put them into a divider. This item organises your silverware and provides you with extra space in the drawer for other small utensils. The biggest advantage is you can find the utensil you want when you need it.

dividers in kitchen drawer

Folding hangers

Do you have items of clothing slung over chairs and tables in your bedroom? If your closet is overfilled, try some folding hangers. The design of these hangers allows you to hang six or more shirts or pants on one hanger. The hanger itself folds down creating more space on the clothing rod in your closet. You’ll finally have space to hang up all of your clothes.

folded hanger

Make your bed’s headboard into a book shelf

If you don’t have a headboard on your bed, make one out of some bookshelves in the room. Simply push a bookshelf or two to the head of the bed and push the mattress up against them. You’ve instantly cleared more space in your bedroom and you’ve made it easier to get a book when you feel like reading before going to sleep. If you have a lot of books stacked on the floor next to your bookshelf, it may be time to find a place for those you haven’t opened for a long time. Inverloch Self Storage is an easy solution if you want to find a secure place for books you want to store away for a while. For more information on booking your Inverloch Self Storage unit, click here.